December 12, 2020

Adaptability University Russia


First time from Silicon Valley in Russia
Exponential technologies

are rapidly changing businesses and societies.

Today the biggest predictor of success is the

ability to adapt.

The Adaptability Quotient - AQ

Our studies show that employees with high AQ are: 


more likely to be

high performers


more likely to innovate with insufficient resources


more likely to

easily adapt to

project changes

In a rapidly changing world, the strongest predictor of success is the ability to respond to change. This is why we invented the AQ (Adaptability Quotient)™ and created the world’s first scientifically validated measure of AQ in individuals and organizations.

Our AQ Boost™ program is designed to help increase individual and organizational adaptability with scientifically proven interventions. 

Adaptability - the ability to optimize outcomes based on current or future change.


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Amin is the CEO of T Labs, a Silicon Valley startup studio, and the inventor of the AQ (Adaptability Quotient)™. Amin is a world renowned speaker who has lectured in 35 countries and advised 10 governments on his economic framework called Exonomics™ (Exponential Economics & Business Models) which offers predictive models for the impact of accelerating technologies on individuals, businesses, and nations. He is a parallel entrepreneur, leading projects with his wife and co-founder at T Labs in AI, blockchain, human longevity, quantitative finance, cognitive performance, and Zeromics (stage zero cancer diagnostics). Amin has degrees in artificial intelligence from UBC, economic policy from Harvard, and an MBA from Stanford. 



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Pepsico Latam. October, 2020

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EY. October, 2020

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EY. October, 2020

"Wonderful experience, thank you so much!!"

Universidad de La Sabana Colombia. October, 2020

"It was an incredible journey and it is just the beginning"

PWC Brasil. October, 2020

Your AQ is


Our scientific team made sure that AQ is improvable.

Our research shows that employees with higher AQ are: 


more likely to handle conflict effectively


more likely to work well with others


more likely to be to be paid more than $200,000

per year

  • Business leaders from around the world
  • World renowned speaker and inventor of AQ
  • 7 years of research & over 40 scientific expert partners 
  • 236 uniques resources for boosting AQ
  • Proven strategies for improving decision making
    and creative problem solving
  • Validated AQ Boost program to ensure your organization's future-readiness
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Your Data

is Protected

Our AQ Assessment is 

100% GDPR compliant.

Your assessment results remain 100% confidential and protected.

You can request to delete your results from our database any time.



December 11
12:00 am
AQ Assessment completion and analysis
December 12
9:45 am
Virtual doors open. Digital meet and greet.
10:00 am
Welcome - Intro to the science of AQ
11:00 am
Short break
11:05 am
The science and application of AQ Dimensions in individual and business contexts
12:15 pm
Longer break
12:25 pm
Techniques and tools for improving AQ  
1:30 pm
Wrap up and AQ manual instructions

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